Hello! I am Tyler, also known as Twijn. I make plugins for Minecraft servers and configure plugins, as well as create odd websites (This is one of them). I run my own Minecraft server at, which is coded from many of my own plugins. My primary programming languages are Java, PHP, HTML, and Lua. I am also a gamer. Please view contact me for contact E-Mails.

Starting Web and Plugin Developer


Below are some of the projects I'm currently working on.

2K Servers

2K Servers is my own Minecraft network. It can be found at All of the plugins are open-source and can be found on GitHub. The plugins in 2K Servers is a good example of the quality you can get from working with me - but you'd be able to do whatever you imagine with your own server.

Online Bans

Online Bans will be a public plugin for anyone to use. Included with it will be the PHP files and the plugin jar. This plugin will use SQL to display server bans, user ban history, and more online. This will also be a platform for looking up IPs, UUIDs, last-login times, and more. This plugin is still in development.

Cheap plugin development and maintaining costs


Why do you need a developer?
The Minecraft server community has been growing substantially. There are so many servers out there. It's up to you to figure out how you're going to become better than those servers. I can help you develop your ideas in to reality, and inevitably make your server more popular. Users are attracted to something unique - if everyone has it, why don't you just play the other 2000 servers that use the exact same plugins? I prevent this from happening. I allow you to turn your ideas into a more successful Minecraft server - and for cheap. I also can provide assistance with any plugin which is not working, and help with configuration.

(All prices are estimates. Please view the "contact us" section to send us a message for a more accurate quote)
We will maintain or develop your plugins for the following rates:

Plugin Set-Up

$5 - $20
This does not include plugin development. We will configure all of your plugins to whatever you wish. This is a one-time cost, and a one-time setup. The cost will depend on multiple factors:
  1. Plugin Count
  2. Server Size - the expected size of your server
  3. Please send as much information on what you want as you can. This will provide a more accurate quote.

Plugin Set-Up and Partial Development

$10 - $30
This will include setting up plugins and developing fixes to make your server flow best. This might include editing configurations, adding plugins, or developing small commands or other things to customize your server best. One-time cost, one-time setup.

Full Plugin Development

$20 - ?
I will create any custom plugins you want to make your server run. Contact me for more details.

Hire Me

$? - Contact Me
I'll regularly manage configurations, and develop plugins as needed. This might be expressed as an hourly cost. Please contact me for more details.

All of these are estimates. Please e-mail for actual costs. Please include as much information on what you're trying to make as you can, to get a more accurate estimate.

Contact Us Now (It's Free!)

Contact Us

You may email me at for a quote on any product. (Remember... It's free!) Use this email also for personal emails. If you have questions or concerns about one of my running projects, please email for help.
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