Survival Server is Closing! :(
posted by Twijn, 5 months ago
Notice: This is not due to financial issues.

This is due to a pure lack of interest from other players and myself. The player count and play time has gone down significantly since the server has started.

I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences due to the shutdown.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email support@twijnweb.com. The world may be up for download soon.
The Gamemode 2K server may or may not be continued.

Thank you, Twijn
New Website In Progress!
posted by Twijn, 6 months ago
View the new website that's still in progress! View it here Note: There may be some visual bugs on both websites while the new one is in progress.
Get More Permissions
posted by Twijn, 7 months ago
[b]Get More Permissions in the Creative and Survival server![/b] Follow the news article below to link your account to the website. Then, type in both servers [i]/wl detect[/i]. This will detect if you've registered and give you the "Member" rank. The added permissions for these ranks at this point are the following: Survival Server:[ul][li]2 /setwarps (Instead of 1)[/li][li]4 /sethomes (Instead of 2)[/li][li]4 /pvs (Instead of 2)[/li][/ul]
Link Your MC Account!
posted by Twijn, 8 months ago
Be sure to link your Minecraft account to the website! This is crucial for submitting ban appeals or applying for Staff! [b]How to link your account:[/b] 1. Log in or register for your account on the website. 2. Click on the top where it says "Hello, __. (Click to view account settings)" 3. Type in the code from [i]/wl code[/i] and click submit. 4. You've now linked your MC account with the website! To view/appeal your bans, click on the same button to view account settings. Click on "BANS."
Server Status
2K Survival
Players: 0/0
Server Status
2K Creative
Being Reset!
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