Is _ allowed?
If you are unsure if something is allowed, we will be happy to answer your questions or concerns in-game or at support@twijnweb.com. The rules are changing regularly, and we'd like for anyone to help us develop our list to make it as clear as possible to our players.
Modifications which puts you at an advantage or affects other people's game play is not allowed.
We don't allow modifications such as:
  • XRay
  • Kill Aura
  • Fly
  • Any Anti-AFK Mod
  • And More
In general, mods that alter PvP or PvE, give you an advantage over item collecting, and mods that enhance transport speed are not allowed. If you have any questions if a mod is allowed, feel free to ask an online staff member or E-Mail support@twijnweb.com
Be respectful to all players
Any sort of disrespect to any player will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, remarks that are racist or sexist and any insult towards a player or group of players.
Do not use game/plugin exploits or bugs
2K is still in development. This means that bugs probably will occur. Please do not abuse those bugs to benefit yourself, and if you find a severe bug then please email support@twijnweb.com. This email is checked regularly and is dedicated to answering your questions and fixing bugs. For non-severe issues, E-Mailing is still an option, however you will get a faster response from asking a staff member in game.
No Advertising
Broadcasting an IP or server to the entire server won't be tolerated. We understand if you want to play some mini-game on a different server or play some other kind of game type, and will allow an IP, however a broadcast to everyone will not be allowed. (This includes messaging everyone in the server.)
Staff members will check if that IP exists and if you're a staff member on the advertised server to correlate the punishment with the offence.
Websites are "OK", but take care when advertising a website. Websites that contain inappropriate content, such as pornographic material, won't be tolerated. Also, this is not a loophole for servers. Server websites follow the same rules as server IPs.
Don't TP kill or warp kill
Don't kill a player right after they have /tpa'd to you or /warp'd to your warp. This includes killing manually or setting a trap. All TP traps will instantly be destroyed.
AFK Machines are not allowed
No machine should be able to stop you from being kicked from being AFK. Anti-AFK machines can cause strain on the server, which in some situations could affect the playing users.
This rule is not enforced as much when the server is running fine, however in those few cases when it's not, this rule WILL be enforced more often. In general though, don't try to bypass Anti-AFK.
Don't intentionally lag the server
Lag machines will not be tolerated. If one is found, it will be removed instantly and the correct punishment will be put against your account.
Don't call out players in general chat while staff is online
Please don't call out users when staff are online. Instead, message one of the staff members warning them about a player going against the rules. Additionally, if you believe that a staff member is abusing, please email me directly at twijn@twijnweb.com . I want to directly be involved with any abuse that will rarely come from any of our staff members. Please give as much information as you can so I can take care of the situation appropriately.
Don't spam in chat
Spamming in chat will not be allowed. "Spam" can be displayed in two different ways:
Twijn: a
Twijn: a
Twijn: a
Twijn: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa etc...
Don't try to go around the swear filter
By default, players spawn into the server with safe chat disabled. If a player chooses, they may enable it with /safe.
Please do NOT try to go around this filter.
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